FIOELAC’s creations blend urban wear with high-end fashion aesthetics, emphasising their commitment to providing a wide range of accessible luxury streetwear. Single-minded in the pursuit to create menswear in gender-neutral, minimalist designs, defined by artisan-level attention to cuts, materials, and detailing, the fashion lifestyle brand exclusively employs neutral shades to curate attire that is both timeless and functional. As they continue on their journey, they are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of fashion-forward silhouettes, while also broadening their scope to encompass outdoor and designer gear. FIOELAC, through its designs, strives to nurture a community that resonates with their shared passion and vision.

Each piece meticulously crafted for the brand launch personifies an unwavering steadfastness to detail and functionality, reflecting creative director Joshua Shemer’s vision to make designs that empower him. In essence, the creations express his belief in being ''Bold to the core''. The atelier’s debut showcase highlights a collection of classy and progressive streetwear, athleisure, and technical and tactical sartorial statements, with relaxed and voluminous silhouettes. Sustainable fabrics and high-end hardware are seamlessly integrated into these designs.

Precise and creative craftsmanship imparts a refined uniqueness to each piece. The F7 Jacket distinguishes itself with its unique half-zip. FIOELAC’s Tailored Wool Trousers exude classic elegance, underscored by a subtle play of silhouettes. In contrast, the Inox Metal Plaque Shirt draws the eye with the distinct FIOELAC metal plaque gracing its chunky collars. The GRS Nylon Tech Hoodie blends GRS-certified nylon with innovation and sophistication, culminating in a sleek design enriched with thoughtful details.


FIOELAC believes that sustainability serves as a powerful catalyst for fostering innovation in design, while effectively addressing pressing environmental and social challenges. In pursuit of this vision, the brand has utilised certified recycled nylon, natural fibres and 100% organic cotton, while also ensuring that the bulk of the packaging is eco-friendly.